Looking for a router suggestion

I was looking at the orbi ax6000 router, but it looks like they dont have parental software & it can not be split into 2 bands. I need the parental software because I have timers on my son’s devices. I was looking at the linksys velop, ax4200, but seems like there are a lot of negative reviews. So I’m looking for some suggestions. I have a router & extender connected via ethernet & my house is not big, but my router & extender are old. Again any suggestions would be appreciated.

the thing is sooner or later said son is going to figure out how to get around said timers.

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I’m happy with my Asus zenwifi ax mini mesh system. They are tiny and not too expensive. You can have wired backhaul, but you’ll need a 1gig switch. You’ll need a switch anyway because there’s only 1 LAN port on the main router. I can’t speak on parental controls, but I believe they’re there.

@Awestun I hope you are wrong, but if he does, then I’ll do it the old fashioned way… I’ll remove the power cord.

@johnconstantelo I think asus has a model with 4 ethernet ports. I’m using a switch with my extender. I’ve seen good reviews for the asus.

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Yup, they sure do. Its the next mesh system up from the mini.

what type of devices are you trying to control?

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I miss the old days where you could buy 1 router with every option for 1 price… wait I’m showing my age…lol.

Everything. I have some tvs hardwired & 1 wifi. Smart home, alexa, phones & laptop. My PC’s are hardwired.

oh that wont stop em, he will find a power cord from something else in the house that works.

@Awestun you got me there. So far so good… he doesn’t know how.to bypass anything so I’m safe for awhile at least.
@johnconstantelo I thinks the next model up for asus is zenax? Pricey but i have some gift cards to offset the price. Only negative thing I read about the asus was it’s not easy to setup.

I did like the linksys velop ax4000, but there were way to many negative reviews.

Here’s my favorite for most situations under 2,000 square feet:


And this is a good budget option in the same line:

Both use the same tether app which has good parental controls. :sunglasses:

Note that both of these are Wi-Fi five, not Wi-Fi six. These are not Wi-Fi mesh routers, so if you have dead spots they may not work for you. And both are only WiFi routers, you still need to have a modem.

Yeah, its north of $500, but its not too bad to set up. Others are easier, but the asus isnt that bad.

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@JDRoberts I just read up on that but it’s not wifi6, but I like the price :grin:. I would still have to buy an extender because I have router on 1 end of house & extender on other end.

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you are probably good for a while until he discovers google is his friend to figure things out.

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@Awestun :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Tp-Link Deco X20 is supposed to be good https://youtu.be/GA7U5tX5Jk0

I’m running this TP-Link Archer AZ 11000 It’s WiFi 6, has extensive security features and parental controls plus 8 Ethernet ports. Costco recently had it for $279.00 I believe but it’s back up to $299.99.

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Wow, that’s a beast! :sunglasses:

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Funny @JDRoberts ! It is a bit of a beast, but I’m very happy with the performance. I work from home and I wanted something rock solid. It has a few features that were really import to me. One is the automatic reboot schedule. I find that it really helps stability. I haven’t been able to load the CPU or memory (which are displayed in the cheesy “gamer” UI. Another is the added anti-malware features, ALG, SPI and other firewall enhancements. I also use the free DDNS that TP-Link offers built in to the router. I almost forgot to mention that it has a bandwidth monitor so you can easily see your Internet upload/download usage.

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That looks interesting, but I have to see if they make an extender that works with it.