Any recommendations on a good router

I have a netgear dual band n but I am having a little trouble with it dropping wifi devices like lifx lights a WeMo switch and my alladin garage door opener. It also gives me trouble sometimes with Netflix. Any of you have any good luck with an AC router handling a lot of devices?

I love my netgear Nighthawk 7500

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I’ve really been enjoying my OnHub. I have the TP-Link version, but heard the ASUS version is also great.

I had a Netgear WNDR4300 that locked up all the time. It was in a remote location servicing a wifi thermostat, smartthings, cameras, etc… So quite an inconvenience when it’d go offline. After getting nowhere with tech support, I bit the bullet price wise and swapped for an Asus AC87U, been rock solid for over a year.

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I have a WNDR3400. It reboots devices a lot.

I have a rock solid Netgear R7000 Nighthawk. Great upgrade from my Linksys EA4500.

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I have an Asus ac86u dual band.

Never a problem.

Another vote for the Netgear R7000. Never had an issue with it. That said I would probably go with one of the new MIMO routers to help future proof if I were shopping for one.

My TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 is running strong. I have had 0 issues with it.

It sounds like the Netgear Nighthawk 7500 or 7000 is the way to go. That’s the router I was looking at and curious about myself.

Asus ac3200. Awesome.


Sounds like a cool router.

Asus RT-AC87R has been great. For many years I was a Linksys guy with DD-WRT firmware running with a VPN server and other features running on the router via DD-WRT. But something changed and my iOS devices kept disconnecting all the time while browsing the Internet. After trying many things I finally gave up and bought an Asus and loaded the Asuswrt Merlin firmware on it that has similar features as DD-WRT and have been happy since.

Coverage in my house is superior to my older Linksys too. I did finally buy a Unfi AP for my bonus room over my garage which is quite far from my router. It depends on the Asus for DHCP but basically repeats the signal via hardwire connection.

I had a linksys wireless n with no antenna and it was horrible!

Each class of device is thoroughly tested and compared. I highly recommend using this resource.