Looking for speaker for alarm WITH bluetooth

I’ve been testing the waters with ST for a few weeks now with the home monitoring kit and an Aeotec multi motion sensor. I finally have my wife convinced that it’s a decent enough security “watchdog” that we want to equip the rest of the doors with open/close sensors and get an annunciator. I’ve been talking up the Sonos devices for a while (“Door is open!”, or “BARK BARK BARK!”) and was about to pull the trigger when I realized they DON’T support Bluetooth. I know that’s a dealkiller because we subscribe to Apple Music and would want to use bluetooth to send the music to the speaker. Sonos can’t stream Apple Music on its own.

If I’m not mistaken, the Bose SoundLink stuff will play from the online services and bluetooth, but can’t be triggered by an event. Is that correct?

So now on to find something that can be controlled to stream music on the device, play an MP3 from an iTunes server (my NAS), AND has Bluetooth functionality. Surely there’s something out there that’s decent and doesn’t have this glaring oversight.

Hitachi Wi-Fi speakers, available at WalMart have everything you are looking for…

I just picked up the W100, which is the medium sized speaker for 150.

It has Bluetooth and can even restream it to other Hitachi speakers throughout the home.

The unit sounds great, and the wife and I have been having Spotify battles for control of the speaker since it was installed less than a week ago.

That looks awesome. And it can do triggered sound events and TTS?

Hi Joel! Do a quick google for Apple Music and Sonos. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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Joel, I run whole house Airplay speakers, mostly through Airport Expresses, but also AppleTV and now I’m using a JBL SoundFly..

This JBL speaker is probably not what you want for your main stereo speakers, but it’s great for announcements. That is, it WILL be IF I can get the rest of the configuration done. ST sees it as a speaker, but I’m still missing parts of the setup and waiting to hear from the guy who wrote the code. See this link for all the gory details.

Well, shoot. I guess the Hitachi I just bought is going back…tomorrow. :wink: