Jawbox? I got an email saying jawbone is compatible

what about jawbox?

i am looking for connected audio solution , which is maybe more affordable than sonos


Hmm. Glad you brought this up. I’m looking for an audio device as well, mostly to use in circuit with the alarm system I’m building. Sonos is not a viable option due to cost however. I’m sure we’d occasionally play music (Christmas, etc) but not enough to justify SONOS cost at this time.

The JAMBOX is certainly more affordable and has generally good reviews at Amazon (4 out of 5 - over 2000 total submissions) but I can tell you that Jawbone has a terrible reputation. At least they did not long ago. Their 1st and 2nd generation UP devices had a ton of problems and their return policy/customer service got trashed in tech circles.

I wouldn’t go as far as buyer beware but I’d love to hear from someone hear who has one. If so, hopefully they can chime in on ST integration!

EDIT TO ADD: When referring to cost, it’s actually the Jawbox “mini” that I’m speaking of. Can be had for approx $115.

i just want a more versatile , cheaper option… :wink: if anyone is listening… i know you guys work super hard so i hope it doesnt come through as complaining… but i think a lot of people would be interested.

thank you!!

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I’m also wondering if something like this or even the Auris (bluetooth and wifi) devices would work.

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We don’t have anything in the works for Jambox integration. To saying wit won’t happen, but at this point it would likely come out a community effort. Who wants to try? :smile:

not me, but i wanted to add a link to an interesting article which pointed out some of the pros/cons of music/sound over bluetooth vs wifi … the article is mainly about yet ANOTHER speaker, but has some good info which i will copy

Wireless speakers on the market today typically use two standards for their wireless functionality- Bluetooth or WiFi. Each has their pros and cons as I have outlined in detail here. Bluetooth is built into every phone, but can only support one speaker, is unreliable, difficult to pair, low bandwidth, low range, and high latency. WiFi, used as the basis for AirPlay and Sonos, is very pervasive, long range, supports 5-10 speakers (1), high sound quality, but it requires a network, has very high latency, low battery life, mid-grade reliability, and takes a long time to pair.

it references another protocol SKAA - who knows what that is and i wont ask anyone to figure out -=P


i dont even know what jawbone is but in case anyone is interested


bluetooth headset was 99, now is 49 at staples

ordered a jawBone up24 last night on bestbuy.com for $119, looks like prices vary by size/color… heheh i didnt even know what it was a couple days ago… i wonder if it can help me to go to sleep and leave my computer alone?