Looking for Recommendations on Smart Light Switch

A few thoughts:

  1. The device features topic has some discussion of reliability for different brands.
  1. You said some light switches don’t have a ground… It would be more common for them to not have a neutral. It’s not impossible that they don’t have a ground if they’re in a metal back box as in some mid century houses that was used for the ground, but it’s not what you usually see. It will make a difference which of these two configurations you have, no neutral or no ground.

If it’s no neutral, see the following:

  1. there is one SmartThings compatible zwave device which offers two button the switches in a single gang space. It’s most commonly used for bathrooms where one button operates the light and the other button operates in on/off fan. So you might look at that. ( it does need a neutral, though.)


There are also a couple of multibutton wall panels which could handle multiple fixtures, but they don’t offer load control, so you would have to use smart bulbs in those fixtures. (Or in wall relays for each fixture) See the “which switches to use with smart bulbs” FAQ previously linked to for discussion of those if you think they might fit your needs.

  1. for the Z wave versus zigbee discussion, see the community created wiki:


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