In-Wall Motion Sensors 2021

I have seen a few old thread about in-wall motion sensors from <=2020 but hoping some new options are available. The two in-wall motion sensors that I am aware of are the GE Enbrighten and the Ecobee/Alexa switches. The Ecobee switch seems to be discontinued, not to mention that I don’t want Alexa in every room :slight_smile:

The goals for this new device are that it fits a decora switch plate and allows motion sensor integration within ST routines. I don’t even care if it actually controls an electrical load. I just want to replace some unneeded switches with mains powered motion detectors.

My best bet at the moment is a dry contact behind an old school motion detector switch. Hoping there is something simpler available.

There aren’t many in this device class as the battery powered ones have become much more popular, and I don’t know if any of that will exactly fit a Decora switch plate box other than the GE. But there are a couple of possibilities.

  1. The Ezpli/Homeseer used to have a stock DTH, I don’t know if it still does. It’s a plug-in, so you would need to convert the switchbox to a plug first. It does motion, lux, and temperature. Z wave.


  1. Aeotec has a couple of multi sensors they can be powered by USB or batteries. These have been popular with people who wanted mains powered sensors and work well with smartthings. Again, you have to first put a USB plug into the switch box. They offer an accessory which is a recessed mounting plate that people usually use for ceiling mounts, but you can use it on the wall as well.


  1. Zooz also has one that can operate on USB power.

No recessor frame for that one, though.

  1. this one is iffier, because it used to work with a stock DTH back in 2015, but I honestly don’t know whether it still works or not. But it’s probably the form you were thinking of. It’s sold mostly to hotels and office buildings, but the price is in the same range as the others. It’s zigbee, ZHA 1.2, and can run either on battery or 12 V mains.

Of all of these, the Aeotec is probably the most futureproof during the transition to the new platform. Is there a reason why you don’t want to just use the GE, it would seem to fit your requirements and if there isn’t an edge Driver now I imagine someone is likely to create one eventually. :thinking:

Why not get the ge though? Is there any particular reason? It comes in both on/off and dimmer variants.

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The GE version doesn’t act as a motion sensor inside of ST. It turns on the light inside the switch itself and cant be used for automations.

Zooz is supposed to have an in wall motion sensor coming out. I think it was called the Zen12, but it was delayed until some time in 2022.

It can be used as a motion sensor if you use the custom dth for it. But I always recommend to buy a single unit and test that it meets your requirements before buying them for your entire home.


I saw the DTH. At this point, I’m not bringing in devices that rely on Groovy and dont have a plan in place for either Edge support or first class ST support. I haven’t seen anything in that regard for the GE switch.

Zooz is looking for ST support and at least Edge, so I think waiting for the Zen12 may be the best option.

Thanks for your help.

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Honestly id go with the ge and write the edge driver myself at this point if I were staying on ST. The build quality is extremely high its fast and responsive. That device is an awesome piece of work. I now own 6. 2 switch models and 4 dimmers.

Yes i know groovy… Its THAT good.


It wouldn’t be hard to write an edge driver for it. I am sure someone will do so. Keep in mind that edge is still in the developer beta phase. It’s not realistic to expect everything to be working 100% with edge right now.


This one is supported by SmartThings

It’s on sale right now at Best Buy
I am not sure if exposes the motion sensor


That assumes he wants to go WiFi and use a cloud integration.


Good find. I’ll take a look at this one and see if it will work. Zwave would be preferable to get local execution, but this is a good find none the less.



I agree with the GE/Jasco switch applicability! It IS that good… I am patiently waiting for an EDGE driver, which will come eventually, I am sure.

There are actually 3 different versions of the switch… 26931,26932 and 26933. The DTH mentioned above works for all 3.

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Not available today, but Inovelli has a motion sensor switch on their roadmap for sometime in 2022 in both Zwave and Zigbee versions. I am impatiently waiting for them to release them to replace some of the GE switches I have. (They work great, but don’t have a high WAF due to their abnormal look/feel.)