Looking for DTH developer

On behalf of Logic Group , I would like to make the following announcment:
We are currently looking for help from an experienced ST hub connected devices DTH developer in order to integrate Logic Group products with ST platform, so the end users get the best experience while using the app and do not have to deal with custom DTHs, or Developer IDE.

You are welcome to find more info on the products via the following link:

Products with first priority are ZDI5200, ZBA7140 , ZSO7300
These are simple devices , single endpoint , most likely can be added to already existing DTHs with minor tweaks. In regards of ZDI5200 and ZBA7140, please see: On/off/set level Modifying published DTH

Second priority:
Matrix ZDB5100,ZDB400,ZRB5120
These products are very simmillar, so making one of them to work properly,is 90% of work done for other 2.
Custom capabilities are most likely needed as these devices have multiple endpoints and features.

Third priority:
As well these products are very simillar, have multiple endpoints.

Arturas Taskauskas (Software Developer) ata@logic-group.com - Questions regarding the task/implementation.
Martin Basse (CEO) mab@logic-group.com - Questions regarding time plan/orgnanization/payment and etc.


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@krlaframboise @RBoy if you’re interested.