Looking for local execution DTH for some devices

Hi. I have read through some older threads and not found the answers I’m looking for so feel free to point me to the solution if one exists.

I have some zigbee & z-wave devices that I can’t find a local executing DTH for so thought I’d ask everyone. TIA

Device/DTH list

  1. Aeotec Water Sensor 7 Pro (z-wave)
    Z-wave water/temp/humidity sensor DTH - stock

  2. EcoSmart Remote (zigbee)
    EcoSmart 4 button remote DTH - stock

  3. Zooz Zen34 remote switch (z-wave)
    Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 DTH - custom

  4. Ikea button-dimming & shortcut (zigbee)
    Ikea Button DTH - stock

  5. Eria dimming remote (zigbee)
    Zigbee Multi Button DTH - stock

  6. Sonoff motion sensor snzb-03 (zigbee)
    Zigbee Motion Detector DTH - stock

  7. Leviton Fan Controller (z-wave)
    Z-wave Fan Controller DTH - stock

  8. Ikea Motion Sensor
    Ikea Motion Sensor DTH - stock

  9. Minoston Z-wave Outlet Plug Dual On/Off
    Rt plug - Z-wave Binary Switch Endpoint DTH - stock
    Lt plug - Z-wave Dual Switch DTH - stock

Well that’s cryptic. Will I be happy or not so much? Haha

No… no no no, you can’t say that Andreas and not tell

C’mon, spill the Goss :eyes:

I don’t know any of the details, but I’ve known all year what it is that I don’t know about. I could have known about it but thought it more appropriate for others to know about it and was asked to not mention that I knew there was something I didn’t know about. Something I do know about mentioned the name of what it is I don’t know about but no longer seems to, but that name has also appeared in public. However I guessed the thing I don’t know about must be close to being a thing we all know about because support for the thing I don’t know about has just been added to a freely available tool.

Thank you for the clarification Graham :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::eyes:


I get the feeling I missed the scoop…

I guess it might be inappropriate to ask if anyone has heard any unsubstantiated rumors, or if there is any general speculation of coming changes to ST as it relates to this thread’s topic.

*nevermind… i used a freely available tool to get some insight

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