Looking For An Edge Driver For Aqara Water Leak Sensors

Is this Aqara Edge driver stable?

It is very stable for me even after a hub reboot the Aqarawater sensors (and other Aqara devices that I have) automatically rejoin, not like a few months ago when they would need rescanning after a hub reboot. They are sensitive to zigbee network changes though, I deleted a device recently and had to rescan two of them more than once for a couple of days.

Scratch that…the clicking every second and keeping the 3 blinks going method mentioned above ended up working on both for those having issues connecting them to Smartthings.

Still stable? Having several drops, one of them 6 feet away from hub. Dunno if that is a driver thing or a device thing.

I had some bad issues after firmware 48.3 was installed. I had some drop but could not add them back due to over 200 device limit. I removed some virtual devices and four FP1 presence sensors and removed all broken routines. I now have some stability, but if I reboot the hub many need to be reconnected. I was also not able to add the FP1’s back so right now I’am running 194 devices. Other people are also reporting zigbee devices dropping offline. The aqara devices need a strong stable network, the don’t seem to do well when other devices go offline.

I can tell you that these sensors are a headache. Not sure if it is the driver or hardware. They are hard to connect in the first place. Takes forever until the hub recognizes them. Then they like to disconnect and go offline all the time. Even those in proximity to the hub. I have about 8 of these installed. Right now they have been stable for about 2 weeks but I expect them to go offline again. It is a problem since I am using them in a vacation home and the point is to have peace of mind. I also heard in an unrelated conversation that Aquara devices are notorious for these kinds of issues. I am also struggling with my Aquara contact sensor.

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Any update on the issues with this sensor losing connection?

If you are referring to the Aqara water sensors then I can tell you that the are currently only a problem when you have a weak Zigbee network. For quite a while now after any hub reboot they have auto joined with out any assistance from me although they are always slow to rejoin as they only try once an hour. I have 10 of them but I also moved them to an Aqara hub this weekend to free up 10 devices as I was above the 200 limit, and I only need them to notify me if I have a leak they are not used in any other routines.

I believe the Aqara zigbee devices work reliably when they direct connect to your ST hub, which means you need to make sure you have no more than 32 zigbee devices connecting directly to your hub. If you do have more than 32 zigbee devices, you need to make sure you have a zigbee repeating device that plays nicely with Aqara in your network. An IKEA zigbee plug is a device that also acts as a repeater and plays nicely with Aqara devices. (There are other devices mentioned in the community that also play well with Aqara.) When you have a repeater in your zigbee network, you aren’t limited to 32 devices.

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installed above mentioned driver - sensor got added after that immediately…
BUT it shows absolutely nothing… data is not getting update… and after some hours it just says that device is offline… tried to remove device from the list and add it again - same thing…
am i missing smth?

edit: right after writing this post it started working correctly… )))

After joining put the water leak sensor in a glass of water. I will change the status from Dry to Wet and will give the battery voltage. Remove it from the water, dry the sensor and it will work flawlessly.

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