Looking for advice installing strobe light


I’m looking to integrate a strobe into my security system. I need to supply power as well as a switch circuit The specifications are…

Power supply: 10-20 VDC, 250mA (12.5 VDC charge)

Alarm signal: Positive (10-14 V, 5 mA) or Negative inputs (0-0.3 V, 5 mA)

Having no expertise on this type of thing, wanted to know if there was an off the shelf device I could use to connect this to my Smartthings hub to allow it to be used as part of the security system?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Brand and model of the strobe light?

I think most people just use the Fortrezz zwave Device which is both a strobe and a siren and can be set to strobe only if you want. It works very well with SmartThings.


I’ve looked at the FortrezZ but for my specific needs I want to use something more industrial. The property to secure is isolated and my chosen strobe is designed to make it virtually impossible to function normally in its presence.

Is there any switching devices available that supplies power and a switch circuit?

Any relay device controlling a 12V power supply should work. It appears that in order to trigger the device, you just have to provide it with 10-14V on the alarm circuit to get the strobe to start strobing. So, if you have a 12V wall-wart who’s positive you connected into a relay, you would just have to turn on the relay to activate the device. There are a ton of devices out there including a bunch of cheap DIY solutions. But it would all depend on where you’re located.