Looking for a way to "reset" Hue lights overnight to their white tones without turning them on

Hi everyone, I have a lot of Hue lights including the ceiling mounted ones which are permanently wired on. At night frequently I’ll use my phone to change the color temperature to make them warmer, or even on normal Hue lights I might make them colored etc. I’m looking for a way that at 4am or so, the lights just reset back to their normal white tone to start the next day, vs waking up and turning on the bathroom light and having it be blue or whatever color I set the night before.

I didn’t see a way to do this via SmartThings and when I tried WebCore setting a program at 4am to set the color temperature it also didn’t work as it just turns the light on when it does it. Was hoping for a way to have it not turn the lights on when it resets them but keep them off, or worst case immediately turn off after. With WebCore if I set it to change the temp and then turn off, it never would turn off unless I put a wait 1 second in between which doesn’t work. It’s not terrible for the kitchen or whatnot but for the bedroom ceiling light or ensure bathroom I don’t want it to come on all the time.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the only way is using the piston you created with the wait command and then turning off. You can’t even set the color in the hue app without the lights turning on.

Unrelated. Today if you go to Amazon, most of the Philips hues are on sale including light strip for 59.

Thank you!

I’m in Canada so doesn’t look like any sales on Amazon.ca. I’m waiting for all the new stuff anyway like the Signe as they look so cool!

Forgive me for butting in, because I’m a guppy in ST compared to the great whites who usually assist on these forums, but is your goal to simply have the lights white when your morning routines turn them on? I ask because this is essentially how I have our lights set up.

Husband is photo-sensitive so he prefers orange light at night when we’re watching TV (actually he’d rather watch with no lights but that hurts my eyes). When he’s ready for bed, I start night mode which turns the living room warm white for me. The next evening the light turns on orange again. There’s no adjustment period where the lights are on but the wrong color. The lights turn on already set to the color I want. It’s all done via the Smart Lighting app.

Are you aiming for something more complex?

You could just do something in webcore that says:

If light switch changes to on
Time is before midday
Set colour to white

This would turn the light on in the original colour but then switch to white straight away.

There would be tricks to make sure this only runs the first time the switch was switched on that day, using variables and having the variables reset overnight but it depends how advanced you want to get.