Looking for a virtual thermostat with a low & high temp

Im looking for a way to simplify heating of a shelf for germinating seeds.
Goal :
*switch device A on if temp is below X(24c)
*switch device A off if temp is above Y(29c)
Be nice to have day and night XY.
I have aqara temperature sensors with tapo plugs.
Currently doing this with several routines and virtual switches, but would be nice to have a visual interface instead of editing routines.

Hi @Ace2

The zigbee Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc without using the virtual thermostat.
You can use the custom capability Temperature Condition = 29ºc

And do the following routines:

  • If temperature <=24ºc then Switch = On
  • If Temperature Condition >= 29ºc then Switch = Off

If you want you can do routines for the maximum temperature at different times of the day, for example:

  • At 8:00 p.m., every day, set temp Temp condition set value = 27ºc
  • At 09:00 a.m., every day, Temp condition set value = 29ºc

Creating the virtual thermostat you could also do other different things, but this is still worth it


Thanks for that, i was wondering if i could use that temp condition for this usage.

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I think this driver is great and works so well, but is it possible to have a temp condition 1 and temp condition 2 instead of a humidity condition with temp condition 2??

I’m unable to use the virtual thermostat for my needs in the routines i use and having a second temp condition would make adjusting temps at certain times so much easier.

I totally understand if this is not possible or too hard to do.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Ace2

If you need 2 temperature conditions you can use the stock temperature and the temperature condition to do routines.
Or do you need 3?

The routine i use currently is : temperature Comparation
“Tray 1 Comparation: Equal-Up off”
Which of course uses the actual temp compared to the comparison temp.

Currently i use this to turn the heat mat off and the Comparation temperature changes at night, i have 4 heat mats, so you can imagine the routines already in use and the less the better of course and ease if needing to adjust one.

I wishing to have a second Comparation temperature for a minimum to turn on.
So temp A Comparation and temp B Comparation.

Unfortunately the child thermostats doesn’t have a Comparation routine to use at all and the heating & cooling isn’t suitable in this setup with these mats.

Hi @Ace2

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean.

What any thermostat does is compare temperatures and execute an action, I don’t know what you mean by saying that the thermostat cannot compare temperatures.

Thermostat compare temperature of the sensor with the one you select in the temperature set point and execute an action, turn the heater On or Off.

With a single temperature you can do all the routines you want, you don’t need a different temperature capability for each routine.
Therefore I do not understand the need for more calabilities for the same temperature sensor.

If you tell me specifically what routines you want to do, I could try to understand you better and help you.

Sorry i should have explained it better with images.

I have 4 heat mats, they all run independently with there own temperature sensor.
Currently each mat has 5 routines for on/off, below is the on section
1 routine to set day temps, 1 to set night temps.

That is used with a routine that compare actual temp with compared temp for the OFF section.

This works brilliantly and if i need to adjust either day/night temps for the OFF section, i just edit either day/night routine, it has all 4 heat mats comparison temperature setttings. Simple.

The ON section requires individual routines for each mat for a day ON temperature and a night ON temperature routine, so double the routines.
To edit these, i need to edit 8 separate routines.

What im wondering if possible is to have 2 temperature comparisons like this example image.
Temp condition 1 and Temp condition 2.

Then use a simple routine like i do with the OFF section.

That way it would half the amount of routine needed and editing would be a matter of editing 2 routines for all 4 heat mats.

I know its a big ask

Hi @Ace2

Seeing the routines I can assure you that the use of a thermostat is the most appropriate for this purpose.
With the built-in controller thermostat you can do this:

  • You can set different temperatures in preference for 5 modes:
    • Sleep mode
    • Auto mode
    • Rush Mode
    • Eco Mode
    • Away Mode
  • Set the temperatures in the necessary Modes, for example Sleep Mode for Night and Rush Mode for day.

  • With a routine you can change the Thermostat mode to Sleep at a certain time in all the devices that control the heaters.

  • With a routine you can change the Thermostat mode to Rush at a certain time in all the devices that control the heaters.

  • With a routine you can turn off each heater when the sensor temperature reaches the target temperature and the Thermostat Operating Status is Pending Heat or the Fan state is OFF

  • With a routine you can turn on each heater when the sensor temperature is less than the target temperature and the Thermostat Operating Status is Heat or the Fan state is ON

  • You can turn off all heaters by setting the thermostat mode to OFF with a routine.

  • Depending on the thermal inertia of your installation, you can control at what temperature difference the heater will turn on or off, with the Differential Temp for Start and Stop preference and save energy. By default it is 0.5ºc.

If you don’t want to use fixed temperatures in different modes and prefer to do it like you do with Temp conditions, then you can make routines to change temperature Set Points at certain times instead of changing thermostat modes.

I use it to control the heating at home, with three thermostat modes: Asleep 18ºC, Auto: 19ºC and Rush Hour 20ºC.
With 5 routines (3 to change modes at 9 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m, one to turn the heater off and one to turn the heater on) and runs automatically all winter long, with this daily temperature control result:

Thank you so much for explaining the process and breaking it down for me.
I attempted to use the thermostat sometime ago, but couldn’t get it running correctly, we dont have much usage for thermostats here in Australia, its just hot or bloody hot with very mild winters.
So thanks for your explanation, ive got it working perfectly for my needs.
2 single routines(day/night) set the heating and cooling for all thermostats. Easy to see all the values together and edit as required, which is exactly what i was after.
Then it’s 2 rountines for on/off for each mat.
This has very much simplified all my routines.

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