Aqara temp / humidity problem

The aqara temp / humidity sensor is paired and show temp in C and humidity.
The problem I have is using the temp or humidity value to trigger a smart plug to run depending on temp or humidity value

It triggers but not frequently, the sensor doesnt seem to drop off because it always show a value.

Anyone else have this problem?
Can I see somewhere if the sensor reports fahrenheit but the smartapp displays celsius? Dont knoe if this is thr problem it seems to always display accurate temperature.

Thanls for any input
Best regards,

First of all, Aqara temp humidity sensors are reporting when they want and kinda what they want. If the temperature change what you are looking for is too small, like less than a celsius, it may not trigger your smartapp. The precision of these devices are around +/-0.3 or 0.5 Celsius.
Then the device reports if it thinks there is reasonable change, nobody knows really when, but if you are curious, I would ask in the DH’s topic.

If you have used one of the stock smartapps they have min and max limits to trigger. You do not want to introduce a loop event when a value is doing ping-pong between .1 and .0. Have a look that you defined your limits correctly.

And if you want really help, then please provide details of your use case.

Ps.: The device reports in celsius by default.


Thank you for your reply,
I have two situations I want to have this working.

First one is controlling my heating AC
If temp goes above 22c -> trigger virtual switch
If temp goes below 20/21 -> trigger virtual switch

The other scenario is controlling temp and humidity in my attic and crawl space, by different value start exhaust fan or start a heater.

Trying out the aqara temp with my heater even if my temp is at 24-25C indoors and pendling (updating) 23.7c,24.5c,25c Etc throughout the day it doesnt activate my virtual switch.
It does work but it seems to live its own life, like one day it doesnt trigger at all and thr other day it triggers 3 times but it seems to skip or ignore starting my switch even if condition is met most of the time!


i use this with my aqara sensor in bathroom, works flawlessly

The criteria is always to pass the limit. It might not trigger anymore, when the criteria has been reached once. It has to fall back below the limit to trigger again.

Try the SmartApp mentioned in the post above.

Hm, i will have to check the above out too. Thanks alot for the replies.

What are the names of the smartapp?
My heater ac is controlled by IR so my virtual switch acts as a translator between my broadlink and smartthings.

I cannot natively set temperature and such for my heater

Doesnt look like any of the smartapps for climate control does what I need to, are you refering to something else?

I have my virtual switches preset with AC control for example, 22C max wind, heat mode and another virtual switch doing 20C max wind,heat mode.
If 22C above indoors toggle virtual switch ON with 20C preset, if 21 or below toggle virtual switch ON with 22C preset.

Something like this rougly.
If AC heat is set to 22C its getting close to 24C in the room before units shuts off.
Im wanting a more stable temperature switching between 22-20C presets and also to save energy. Anyway thats my plan roughly

I think for this use you need a different temperature sensor. The Aqara ones are not reporting on request, so you cannot fine tune temperature dependency on them.
Probably you reach 24, because the Aqara unit is not reporting any temperature changes for 30+ minutes. Then you start to blow to get 20C, and it will not send anything until it reaches 19C on the sensor. Aqara is not good for this. Use a Smartthings multisensor, they can be programmed to report every 5 minutes or even 1 minutes, but battery will be drained quickly.

Right, I just checked the log off my aqara and it seems it updates frequently enough, its just not triggering. Above 21 or below 21.
Temperature reaches 22 which is above 21, does nothing.
Temperature reaches below 21, does nothing.

I tried it by placing the aqara outdoors, going as low as 9C and then indoors going to 20C it updated reguraly still did not trigger my switches.

Tried with smartthings multisensor and it reported using the same automation but only once :thinking:

Edit: Im totally fine its not a good sensor for micromanagement but it should trigger close to the value I set.
Problem Im having as of now its not really triggering often enough.

Then the problem is with the setup of the smartapp. Have you tried to build something in the new app for automation or use WebCoRE?

Im using automation in the new app, that one is pretty straight forward.
Even if I use automation if temperature is X or below send a notification and I set a value below room temperature and take the aqara temp sensoe outside its giving me a notification every third or so attempt. Cant be wrong with the setup here?

Im trying to get into webcore but its quite hard getting a grip with it.
Thanks for everyones help so far.

Some ways has a limitation to send notifications every x minutes only to avoid a flood of push messages.
Some has limitations how often to trigger, by any chance you haven’t ticked “run only once” or something similar.

No, I never tick the only once. Ok. It seems to trigger now if I give it a longer time.

Not sure why the sensor is not working with my setup then, must be the time in the automation then, cant be anything else.

Ill try to experiment with webcore else Im tossing aqara sensor in the can, yawn…

Thanks for everything so far!

The sensor itself is quite robust. Report temperature, humidity and pressure too. Survives quite harsh environments regarding temperature ranges and humidity. I use two outside below my roof all year long. And placed one into my deep fridge. I have one in room environment which required a battery change after 1.5 year.

Sounds great, wish it was the same for me :joy:

Im trying to use mine to control my AC Indoors and keep humidity and temperature in check in attic and crawl space, however if I canT get it to trigger action based on temp it kinda defeats the purpose.

Too bad it doesnt seem to be a smartapp for my application, basically want my indoor temp to stay as close to 21 as possible.
If above 22 set switch to on, if below 21 set switch off.
In IFTTT theyre setup to change the behaviour of AC.

Would be the same for temperature and humidity in attic and crawlspace too.

Thinking if I cant get it to work indoors properly I certainly dont want to go wild and crazy in more important areas :thinking:

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