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So we will be moving into a 2 story (upstairs, main floor, down stairs) home of roughly 3200 sq ft. We will be in the place for awhile, so I am going to build a network so that it is built for the future. I am trying to decide what to go with. Was thinking Ubiquiti, but would be WAY easier just to buy a mesh setup, but the amount I would spend on the Orbi wifi 6 mesh, I could have 3 APs, UDM Pro and run the cat 6a through the walls. Thoughts?

Get the ubiquiti :slight_smile: over the orbi… just my opinion

Hi @jkp, I’m thinking of updating my setup too and have looked at their AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi system. Do have experience with that system, or another one you’d recommend?

I have heard not so great things about AmpliFi. Have you thought about UniFi?

Not yet, I literally just started looking at options this week. Our fiber has become super stable the last several months now that road construction in our area is almost done, and I want to start improving our wifi capabilities.

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Amplifi is a different brand under ubiquiti so I am not that familiar with it. I know amplifi does have a wifi 6 version available if that is important. Amplifi is geared to Home/consumer users where the unifi brand is geared to commercial/ business or higher end users.

Amplifi is cheaper if that is a concern. I have the unifi stuff and really enjoy it but it is not cheap.


I have heard that in order to use wifi 6 to the max, you need like 1 gbps+ speeds. Do you think that I could build my system with cat 6a and swap out the AP once wifi 6 becomes the norm?

Also, are you using a UDM pro or what does your setup look like?

UDM was just released last fall. I have had my system since December of 2018 So I got the other components before It became available. I have 2 AC Pro, one AC M for back yard, Cloud Key 2+, USG, switches and 1 protect cam.

The UDMs will definitely give you faster speed over the USG and running firewall/IPS.

I may update to wifi 6 models when they come out. No estimate for that release so I have time to think about it.

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Just remember that whatever you choose, for home automation purposes you still need to be able to put your phone on the 2.4 GHz band for set up of a number of different popular devices, including most video doorbells. That may change in the future, but for now, it’s an important factor.

A lot of people don’t understand what the problem is that they are seeing. It’s not that the 2.4 only device can’t connect to, say, the eero. It can. It’s that the 2.4 device requires that your own phone be on 2.4 running the 2.4 device app at the time of set up. And some networks, such as eero, Will automatically feed your connecting device (in this case your phone) with 5 GHz if that’s supported. That means the app on your phone could never find the new 2.4 GHz device.

The workaround is usually to buy yet another Wi-Fi router, Bridge it to your mesh Wi-Fi network, and use that for home automation set up. You don’t have to run with it once everything is set up, but several Wi-Fi mesh networks just don’t give you a workaround other than this.

So just something to be aware of. Do you want your Wi-Fi mesh to allow your phone to select either band manually. :sunglasses:


And it is already sold out…

There a few places to check:, and Amazon

Are we able to flip between bands with UniFi?

I created a separate SSID for each band for my home.

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Did you run cat 6a? And how did it go…

6a is fine. I went with cat 7 and 8. 8 for my main lines between the switches. Overkill :wink:

Just note cat8 cables are much thicker and way more expensive. I got them on a good sale though.

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