Looking for a programmer (Visonic MCT-320)

I have not seen anything new about the Visonic MCT-320 The last post I see is over a year old. If you are a programmer and want to try getting the Visonic MCT-320 door sensors to work with smartthings hub please let me know.

UPDATE: looks like we will not be trying to pair the 320 sensors, from the information others have found say there definitely incompatible.


im interested too! thanks in advance

There’s nothing a programmer can do, it’s a hardware issue. The MCT – 320 does not use the same communication protocol as SmartThings. It’s like handing a technician a tape cassette and asking them to make it play in your DVD player. It’s not going to happen. In this case it’s more confusing because the differences are in the internals of the device, the outer case is very similar, but again there’s nothing a programmer can do.

See the following (this is a clickable link)


Thanks I missed that post. I just thought it’s very strange that the 320 and 340 both work on Xfinity home security but only the 340 works on smartthings hub. That probably explains why some of the motion sensors won’t work on smartthings as well.

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These days most home automation/security systems are multiprotocol platforms, but they vary in what protocols they support.

Yesterday I was shopping for holiday gifts and one of my brothers wants a “multifunction turntable.” To play vinyl records. So I was looking at some. There was one that plays vinyl, CDs, has a USB port where you can plug in an iPod with mp3s, and a cassette player. No Bluetooth. Another one plays vinyl, CDs, and Bluetooth, but no cassettes. Another plays vinyl, has Bluetooth, and has an a.m./FM radio – – but no cassettes and no CDs. (of course I had no idea what exact mix my brother was looking for, so I ended up buying him something else instead. :wink: )

So it just depends on the mix each different manufacturer has selected for each different model as far as what specific protocols they want to offer. And then it’s up to us as customers to try to figure out exactly what we’re getting from their product!

Do you think its possible to make a handler for a device that pairs to smartthings but wont trip? I have a few motions that will show up on smartthings but they wont trip. I install alot of Xfinity Home and many people want the new sensors, so I have been saving the old ones I take down.