Cannot get Door Contact Sensor to work

I have a Door Contact Senor, which when paired shows up as “Thing”

model: MCT-340 E
application: 01
manufacturer: Visonic
endpointId: 01

Can you please guide me on how i can write the device handler for this?

I am doing this for this first time appreciate your help.

BTW i tried modifying the Type to various contact sensors and none of them worked for me.

“I think” this was paired in a previous discussion, try search.

Hi Eric

Thanks for your prompt response, i looked up for “Visonic” and found a lot of threads on that, but none of them helped me based on where i am currently. Can you point me to somewhere i can write a device handler for this specific device. My model has a E at the end

model: MCT-340 E

Thanks in advance

Showing up as a thing means ST found it, but has no idea what it is.

You should be able to go into the ide and change the device type manually.

My Devices->Device Name->Edit->Change type to what it is.

Its a zigbee door contact sensor. BUT its for xfinity so it may be proprietary and doesn’t speak correctly to ST.

Seems like it may work. @dkmcgowan any advice?

Very i am sure it found it and it uses HA 1.2

i am not sure on how to make the hub make it understand the open and close notifications

Did you change the device handler in the IDE?

Yes i tried the following:

Tyco Door/Window Sensor
Smart Sense Open Closed Sensor
Contact Sensor Capability


Re-read the post I linked and he has the same problem with the MCT-320s.

I don’t have the device. You should post in that thread asking what he did to get it to work.

Thank you, i have reached out on that post. Appreciate your help.

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