Low cost Smart Lock

I’m looking to replace my Smart Lock with a low cost lock that works with SmartThings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Not sure what you mean by “cheap”. A lock needs to have a minimum level of reliability, in both security as well as functionality (i.e., not dropping off the network, eating batteries, keypad failing, and so on).

Schlage Connect (Z-Wave) is cheaper than many other brands, and I think having a keypad is invaluable. It is more convenient than pulling out a phone, easy to set temporary codes which you can text to a maintenance worker or dog walker, etc… … but still well-integrated with SmartThings & Alexa.

To get the best price? Select one of the “Warehouse Deals” (i.e., slightly used and refurbished / repacked by Amazon). The Warehouse deals can be returned free of charge if they are defective or more “beat up” than you expected.

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I only shop on eBay for used items because they accept PayPal. I was thinking somewhere below $100 for a used one. what I have is a lockitron that has problems unlocking every time I drive up to my house. It’s supposed to automatically unlock. It is a lockitron bolt with Bridge I have an integrated into SmartThings classic.

You might get lucky and find a Schlage on eBay and have eBay buyer protection. Yale and Kwikset are more expensive, generally; but you could include them in your search. Obviously make sure to get Z-Wave version.

Flexibility on color and style helps.

The only thing I wouldn’t by cheap in my smart automation is a smart lock

Be sure to get one from a major brand, for security purpose


I’m on a fixed income and don’t have tons of money to spend on a smart door lock.

I have a Schlage. It has a better locking mechanism and key than those I found. I would save up. That is the one thing you do not want to go cheap on.


Any recommendations brand and model number.

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Thinking about getting another one of these for my garage. That is the only time I need keys around my house…not that I ever forget them.

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@tgauchat, thanks for the link…just ordered another one for the garage.


Yale and Schlage locks are the about the best quality locks you will find. Each has it’s pro’s and cons’. Here is a little table that compares locks features at a high level.

The Schlage camelot is an excellent lock but has minor firmware issue which could cause trouble with the mesh under heavy load. It also tends to overstate it’s battery life causing it to die suddenly under load. The FE599 is another excellent option but also has a firmware issue that prevents the stock DTH from showing it’s correct locked status.
Yale is a great overall lock but some of the Connexis z-wave modules have a bug which could cause excessive battery drain and may need to reset the lock/replace the module.

No lock is perfect, but overall Schlage and Yale are amongst the best. You can find some great deals on eBay and Amazon for these locks. Customer service is great with both companies.

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I jest got YALE REAL LIVING YRD240NR605.

now how I install it to smartthings?

Watch Home Depot. They run deals of the day periodically on Schlage locks. Some really good deals when they do.

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The “NR” model is not SmartThings compatible.

Model “ZW” has Z-Wave and will join like any other device using the SmartThings App.

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so you are saying it will not work with SmartThings.

No it won’t, like terry said…

That’s a keypad lock.

It’s not a keypad lock with a z-wave module, which is what pairs with SmartThings.

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Correct. You chose the WRONG model of the lock; unless you have stated the wrong model number.

You probably should have checked back with us, giving the specific model before purchasing … maybe you can cancel.

Anyhow … It happens. Just return it and get one of the ones that work.

Waiting on seller to cancel so I can buy the Kwikset 910 smartcode with Z-Wave. According to the listing it has Z-Wave if it’s still available when I get the order cancelled.

Is Kwikset Kevo or argust supported