Looking for specific bulbs that work with SmartThings - 100W equivalent or greater and also candelabra

I have two favorite lamps that are torchiere on top, each taking a single ‘standard’ A19/E26 bulbs, and ‘reading’ on the bottom, taking 2 candelabra bulbs each.

I’m looking for bulbs that meet the following criteria:

  • Integrates directly with Smartthings hub.
  • The A19 bulbs have 100W equivalent light, or greater (these are in a huge room that needs light).
  • The candelabra bulbs have the same light color as the A19 bulbs.

Essentially I want the two lamps to look ‘integrated’ with the same light color from all bulbs, and I want them integrated directly with Smartthings to allow fast/easy control, grouping, and automation.

Color bulbs would be nice, but white is perfectly fine. Currently I’m using some Lohas wifi bulbs that work for simple on-off and brightness levels (via Google), but the color temps are different and I have to regularly manually adjust them in the in the separate ‘TuyaSmart’ app. I also can’t automate them using my Smarrthings logic/webcore/etc since they integrate directly with Google and I can’t find a way to get Smartthings to see/control them.

Any suggestions on potential bulbs?

Which country are you in?

I’d start by looking at the IKEA Tradfri line. These are inexpensive, work well with smartthings as zigbee repeaters, and are brighter than most similar bulbs.

The smart bulbs and the plug-in pocket socket will work with SmartThings. The handheld remotes do not.

They will say they need their Gateway, but they don’t: you can use the smartthings hub instead.

Here’s the US link:


Just a question. Why not buy smart switches which can control more than one bulb, unless you’re looking for color changes which of course require a smart bulb?

Or unless the OP wants to control the top light separately from the reading lights. :sunglasses:

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I’m located in the US, fyi. I’ll take a look at the IKEA bulbs.

With regards to using switches vs bulbs, there are several factors:

  • The primary home interior designer (not me) has a tendency to move the lamps regularly and I am not committed to replacing switches/outlets every time the lamps move, and not ready to swap out all switches/outlets, either.
  • Would prefer color if possible, which then needs smart bulbs.
  • Want to control all bulbs independently for different effects.

Quick glance at IKEA Tradfri looks good, although the brightest bulbs currently state they’re not available online, and the prospect of braving PÅÅN’s Labyrinth in person for bulbs is daunting.

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