Enclosed fixture rated smart bulbs?

Do these exist? Preferably in Zigbee or Zwave.
For use in a ceiling fan with glass dome cover.


Completely enclosed? I don’t think so, there’s usually a concern about overheating the radio inside the smart bulb. What size bulbs are you looking for?

Well, the truth is I’ve been using Lifx mini inside my ceiling fan against the rules :joy:

But I’d actually prefer something about the same size, but Zigbee/Zwave

My other question would be does a high lumen color bulb (1000 or more) exist in Zigbee or Zwave, something like the Lifx a19 (for a floor lamp)

Does it have to be RGB? Sengled has an extra bright A 19 bulb with 1500 lm that can do color temperature, but not RGB.

Feit as a very bright (1600 lm) RGBW WiFi bulb, but it’s A21, not A19, so it might be too big. Also, I don’t know if there’s a smartthings integration or not. But I mention it in case you want to do more research on it.

Amazon reviews for the novostella 1300 lm Wi-Fi bulbs say that it works with smartthings, but I haven’t seen any forum reports on it.

I’m trying to ditch wifi devices, so it has to be Zigbee or Zwave. Otherwise I’d stay with my Lifx a19 for the floor lamp and mini for the enclosed ceiling fan.

Edit: it also seems that the sengled is a fixed color temperature, so it’s basically the same as the hue 1600lm model.

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Shoot, I just realize that Sengled model is from their new Wi-Fi line, it’s not Zigbee. Hmmmm… I think all the very bright ones I know of are Wi-Fi, not sure why that is.

So just the hue 1600lm 2700k fixed model then. There’s no RGB or even color temperature changing Zigbee or Zwave bulb higher than 800 lumens?

I’m removing as many WiFi devices from my system as possible as I find them annoyingly unreliable.
I can live with my thermostat and cameras being WiFi, but I’d like to minimize it.

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Not that I know of, I think it’s a heat thing. That’s why you can find some of the all in one fixtures that are brighter because they have space for a heat sink which a bulb on its own does not. But I don’t know why the Wi-Fi bulbs seem to be able to do it. There’s certainly been demand for brighter Zigbee bulbs ever since hue came out. Hmmm…

I contacted inovelli and they said they were ok with using their bulbs in enclosed fixtures, so now I have to get some and see if they’ll fit my ceiling fan.

That doesn’t solve my high lumen rgb Zigbee / Zwave bulb problem, but at least one problem seems to be solveable if I can swap my Lifx minis for the inovellis

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