Long timers

I have a watering system I want to open every 3 days.
The routines have a timer but only for 24 hours.
Why can’t there be a 72 hour timer or a timer with days?
Is it in ST infrastructure or in the drivers?
My routines should be:
“if valve is closed, stay in this status for 2 days and 23 hours, then open valve.
“If valve is open, stay in this status for 1 hour, then close valve”
It seems pretty straightforward…

Check out virtual calendar: https://community.smartthings.com/t/edge-driver-mc-aplicaciones-virtuales-mc-virtual-switch-mirror-virtual-calendar-and-virtual-switch-board/243627

Not a perfect fit for your use case but can provide you with a few features you can utilize.

Also… https://community.smartthings.com/t/st-edge-driver-device-timers/231402

I will look at the calendar, is the timer in the drivers are part of ST infrastructure or are they programmed in the driver?
My guess is that it’s in the infrastructure because they are all the same.
If so, is there a way to open a ticket for the ST dev team?

There is if you use the full Rules API. The Routines are just simple little mobile app managed automations powered by the Rules. Not everything can make the cut.

How do I install a virtual device to add the virtual calendar to it?

I would consider using the Edge Counter Utility V1.1. Using that driver, you create a timer called Valve Timer and Routines like:

If Valve is Closed (precondition)
Valve Timer Accumulated time is 71 hours
Open Valve
Reset Valve Timer

If Valve is Open (precondition)
Valve Timer Accumulated time is 1 hour
Close Valve
Reset Valve Timer

Hear is your link for virtual applications including virtual calender

In what channel is this utility?

taustin’s Shared Project Channel