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Logs for ST app?

(Joel Goddard) #1

Is there any way to see detailed logs for the mobile app? Came home to an open garage and wondering if a button was pressed accidentally on the dashboard etc. We have a few different instances of the app so trying to figure out what happened. Couldn’t find anything in the graph.api

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

There is an Event History Log available for every one of your Devices in the IDE ( under My Devices. I cannot say for sure exactly how complete or detailed the Event History Log is; it does not, for example, say which phone or tablet triggered an action, but I believe it shows pretty accurately whether the action was initiated by which specific SmartApp(s).

If you want a more secure option for offering control to multiple persons in your household, I’d like to point out that Secure Panel Sharing feature of ActionTiles ($23.99 web based app) helps ensure that only specific Things that you share are controllable (or read-only or hidden or PIN Protected!). We don’t offer customer-accessible event history or event logs (yet!), but we can do some degree of diagnostic research upon request - we can at least confirm or deny that ActionTiles initiated a command, for example.


The following FAQ may help (this is a clickable link), although I don’t think it directly logs specific tile presses in the mobile app. But it may help you get some more information.