Logitech Harmony Remote

(Zakaria Mohamed) #1

Groupon for Logitech Harmony Remotes:

Use SAVE10 coupon for extra $10 off.

I got the Hub and Remote (no touch screen) for $65.99 shipped.

Oh and these are refurbished sets I believe.

(Realy Living Dream) #2

I will chime in with my usual declaration that most of these " refurbished" Logitech remotes are listed as such because they are the old models out of production . While not from groupon the " refurbished " I bought were brand new in factory sealed packaging.

(Zakaria Mohamed) #3

Cool, I hope the Groupon ones are the same. It will certainly sweeten the deal. I actually just needed one more Hub for my bedroom, the Remote is just a bonus. :grin:

(Realy Living Dream) #4

I was going to jump, but then noticed that it was NOT the home remote , and while I do " need" another hub for the bedroom, I want the extra buttons to be able and eliminate the minimotes. If I still have to pick up the phone , minimote or try and whisper to Alexa so I don’t wake up wife to turn off the light it is pointless LOL


So weak… must resist … ahhhh WTH
I’m really starting to hate the deal section