Logitech - Harmony Smart Control - Black

(Daniel Ionescu) #1

Bestbuy has it again for $69.99 for the weekend.

(Eric) #2

Matched at Amazon.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

That’s surprising, the last few time BB ran this deal, Amazon just pulled them off website rather than pricematch.

(Matthew Valeri) #4

Isn’t that just the remote though? Unless I’m missing something.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

It is the TV/Entertainment remote and the hub which lets you add other HA devices to Harmony routines and control them with Harmony app.

(Matthew Valeri) #6

Yup, I see that now in the description. Strange that they don’t show it in the pictures or mention the hub in the title.

(Matthew Valeri) #7

I see the difference now… the Amazon one is Manufacture Refurbished.

(Mark) #8

Looks new on the product page to me, $69.99

(Matthew Valeri) #9

HaHa… fail moment #2 for me… I give up on adulting today. Saw the refurbished option next to it and thought it was listing as such.

I give up… time to eat some Twizzlers.

(Daniel Ionescu) #10

Amazon has it now for $69.

(phil) #11

You know I have had two of these for about two years and worked flawlessly. However recently they upgraded the software and now the both are not working properly. On a Directv box you press a button and you get repeat pushes. Yes I went into the app and changed the repeat but still does the same thing. I dont think that I would buy another one

(Realy Living Dream) #12

That could also be the recent DTV update and not all on Harmony. I don’t blame Harmony when TiVo changes something that breaks Harmony.

(phil) #13

How can that be. The box takes a signal and does whatever it tells it. You telling me the box gets an input take it and repeats it on the box. Does nor happen all of the time but enough to piss off my wife