Logitech Harmony not controlling Honeywell through ST

I’m pretty much regretting getting the Logitech Elite remote with hub. Nothing but problems.

Latest random issue - send thermostat (Honeywell connected to Smartthings) command through Logitech remote. Shows the change for a few seconds on the remote then reverts back unchanged and does nothing.

Tried re-syncing, re-logging in Harmony to SmartThings. Nothing works.

I’m able to control Thermostat through Smartthings fine. Logitech remote is controlling other devices through Smartthings fine, just not the thermostats.

Any ideas?

There have been all sorts of issues with the Honeywell by many forum members as of late. It keeps dropping off various services. Some (including myself) have seen it drop from ST. I’ve also had quite a few instances where it didn’t accept commands from IFTTT. This appears to be a Honeywell issue as even the TCC app becomes unresponsive.

You could try and remove it from Harmony and re-enable it. I don’t use Harmony with Honeywell so I can’t confirm issues with that platform.

I’m having problems with this as well - Harmony to ST works ok for other devices (i.e. locks, lights etc…) but Thermostats it kicks out errors on the Live Log.

I have Evohome (which Harmony cannot control directly), and have two smartapps on ST - one the Beta Evohome from Samsung, and the other Codesaur one. Both work fine, although ST’s one loses thermostat connections and you have to setup again every few months or so.

Changing a thermostats temperature for both the official and community drivers generates the same “…bad request at line 748…” so presumably its a problem with the Harmony driver.

How do I correct that ??

Think I figured it out - ST’s handling of Thermostats was deprecated in 2018.

This also affected Sharptools & Evohome, and I reviewed their changes to the Codersaur Evohome driver - which uses new Capability functions etc…

Don’t know enough about this, and not really got the time, shame as would be good to get this working…