Logitech Harmony Hub to Smartthings app


The question is simple : is it posible to add my Logitech Harmony Hub to Smartthings app ?

If yes, how (I don’t see any Logitech device to add in the Smartthings app…) ?

Thanks !

You can add it through Logitech…

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No, I mean the other way.

I want an activity of my Harmony to run at a certain time (f.e. music on at 8am). I do it now with IFTTT, but would like to do it with the app of Smartthings…

Christian, @jkp is correct. you HAVE to set up the connection from the harmony side. Once you do it will add the correct ‘stuff’ to your location so you can setup the connection back. This action lets you set Harmony up in SmartThings (it will show up as a series of Vswitches - one for each activity, that you can automate as you describe.)

Be advised that in its current iteration Harmony relies on a Groovy smartapp on the SmartThings side to operate. When Groovy goes away so will this. This is PARTICULARLY egregious for Harmony in that Logitech is only supporting existing users and use cases, do NOT expect them to write a new integration for a device they ahve discontinued. (in short - unless someone comes up with a community created Edge driver you might be up a creek with this when Groovy goes away.


OK, thanks !