Logitech Harmony integration using modern SDK/APIs

The official integration between Logitech Harmony and SmartThings doesn’t seem to work.

Trying to follow instructions at Harmony and SmartThings I only see Philips Hue and Hunter Douglas Powerview Hub in the list of Home Control devices.

The SmartThings Community article Can't add Logitech Harmony Hub to Smartthings app hints that the support for adding Harmony from SmartThings has also been deprecated at least in some regions. It seems that there is a workaround: installing a community device handler. I believe that by installing the device handler I’d be able to control Harmony devices using SmartThings but not vice versa - e.g. SmartThings switches from Harmony remote.

My use case would be mainly getting the events from Harmony devices and having them toggle (virtual) SmartThings switches.

Should that already work using existing solutions?

If a working solution doesn’t exist, is there someone already working on the topic?

Since Loigitech has an API for Harmony, would it be possible for me to write a custom integration between Logitech and SmartThings? (Not only technically but also actually - is there a requirement that I be an official Logitech representative?)

What would be the modern way of implementing the integration? I suppose I’d need to use SmartThings Schema and have my own server running listening events from the Harmony API and feeding them to SmartThings API. In this scenario, the Harmony hub and the SmartThings Hub are both in the same LAN. Even if my integration server was in the same LAN, it would have to have and Internet-accessible secure port in order to communicate with the SmartThings Hub, right?

I’m sorry to ask such newbie questions that probably have been answered already dozens of times somewhere. It’s just quite hard to find relevant information from the community forum due to vast number of legacy information.

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Heres what a few have done recently (Dec 2020- early jan 2021).

Step 1) go here and do this

It will add a smartapp in your SmartThings system.

Step 2) go into Smartapps in your SmartThings install, then Harmony (Connect) and configure the hub. (you will have to be patient and wait for the hib to load up. It can take a couple minutes)

After step 2 your activities should be listed.


Thanks. I think I linked to the page you suggest in step 1 in my original message. As I explained, I can only see Philips Hue and Hunter Douglas Powerview Hub, not SmartThings in the Harmony’s Home Control menu.

So what you’re saying is when you go to Add Device, Home Control, Smartthings and no Smartthings? If that’s the case you have to contact Harmony support. They’re the only ones who control that.

For this to work, that action adds a smartapp into your location, configuring that smartapp makes virtual switches show up to use for your use case.

Although we could be hopeful that they pulled it to put in a new style integration - but…

Yeah -call Harmony for that one. That’s new.

I think it might be a regional thing with Harmony. I don’t think I’ll get far by calling support.

If I was to create the integration myself, what would be the anwers to the questions in my original message?

What I described was the working solution.

It would have provided your use case and in fact does, for me.

Integrations are now the responsibility of the device mfr. so if someone is working on it it should be them -

as to, unofficial, community based ones - in theory yes you should be able to do what you said, someone else is looking at using an Rpi to proxy alarm boards using a simulated ESP8266 as a direct connect device.

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks a lot for your help. I had to reset the Harmony hub. I still couldn’t add SmartThings from home control devices, but my I could again see my old SmartThings integration in the list of Harmony devices. I could re-login and re-authorize the SmartThings connection and I got the new Smartapp in the SmartThings app. Now everything is working as it should.

By the way, the step 2 in your post wasn’t self-evident and not linked to the instructions in support.myharmony.com. I mentioned that to Logitech support.

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Yeah thats because it changed and they still are using the old method. What they need to do is completely rewrite so it uses cloud connected schema devices instead of a groovy smart app. They only realistically have a couple of months

Im legitimately concerned about this particular integration when the IDE is finally retired. I use it heavily and its one of the few things I cant fix myself.

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Me as well. I have 4 Hubs and entertainment plays a big role in my HA. Would be a shame to lose this. :pensive:

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Actually there is simpler fix. Select Entertainment Device. Enter Smartthings under Manufacturer name. Model can be the same. It will done ask you to sign into Smartthings.

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