Logitech Harmony and smartthings

Hello, I am new to smartthings and wondering if anyone here has their Logitech harmony paired with smartthings to turn on their sound system thru their phones? If so how did you manage this?

Couldn’t you turn on your sound system through your phone with only the Harmony app? What integration are you looking for with the SmartThings platform for your use case?

By sound system, do you mean an AV Receiver or something closer to Sonos?

I’ve got harmony activity control of harmony, hue and smartthings devices, from harmony app and remote.
Not too interested in running AV from smartthings (other than including shutoff in away mode changes), so haven’t done much smartthings --> harmony control.

I am purchasing the harmony this weekend and just wanted to see what setups if any the community has. I am sure I can start it through the harmony app, but would like to use smartthings as my main app. I would also like to be able to set the sound system to turn on at a specific time etc… As far as my sound system i have the Bose 321 series hooked up along with my tv.

The Harmony app was updated on iOS today to allow for Hue changes on start and end activities.