Logitech Harmony (2021)

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Thanks @jkp . Pretty sure we wont see an integration for the new app then…

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I LOVE my Harmony Elite. I’m so sad. This device (and the Harmony I had before this) has made my marriage easier. :slight_smile:

Cord cutters. You can get a Roku remote for about $13. The fire TV remote now has more streaming service buttons. It’s just hard to get people to pay harmony prices anymore.


I know the harmony has a lot more features, but between voice and the streaming boxes, it’s just a hard sell these days. :thinking:

See for me, there isn’t a replacement out there atm for those with complex setups that require multiple input and the ability to create macro button sequences etc, I use it for so much, particularly for things that don’t integrate with anything else.

Back in the day, whilst I here we’re struggling to get uri’s to work for WebCore and Sonos music, I basically just used a simple switch that triggered a Harmony routine to play what ever sound/playlist from Spotify I wanted, it made things so easy.

Also I used it in Smartthing routines to integrate my Nest sensors according to rules setup in Webcore back in the day when there were no other alternatives outside of a paid Integration or a very complex free app that seemed to be always breaking (name eludes me). I just created Harmony routines that set Nest temperatures and WebCore would turns these on as and when.

And whilst some of these things are now easier to do, it feels like no other platform has the breadth of devices and functionality to replace so of the more complex setups I use it for in one single place.

Harmony has always been a fall back option for me when there was nothing else that seemed to work, it always seemed possible one way or another using a Harmony Hub. I just hope someone buys the hardware side and keeps this great system going :crossed_fingers:


Can you do this with Alexa routines? They have become the default free intermediary for many people these days. You do need an Amazon account, but you don’t need an echo device, just the free Alexa app.

And here’s the method for ST integration.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Yes, you can. But I’m talking back in the day before it was possible in routines. I guess what I’m saying was the Harmony hub always seemed(s) to give you an integration option when all else fails

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