Locks and smart home monitor

Hello, in smart home monitor I see open/closed sensors and motion sensors.

I do not see locks listed. I just successfully paired a zwave August lock and it is not listed in smart home monitor.

Are locks supported in smart home monitor? And if they are what should I do differently to have the August lock in the list?

Thanks in advance

It sure is supported. I have one too. What are you trying to do? The lock will show up for many custom SHM rules you can create.

Ohh, just wanted to add the lock to “armed Away” and “armed stay” rules.

So within SHM’s Security configuration you can’t, as you’ve discovered, because that’s really a function for a Routine.

SHM uses a combination of sensors to determine if an intrusion has happened and to alert you. You want to use Routines to arm/disarm SHM, and perform automations like you want to do with your lock.

Which app are you using? In the classic app, you can do anything you like to do with locks, they basically have the same rules as a light switch.

In the new app, you can’t do anything at all with locks except toggle them lock/unlocked on the things list. You cannot unlock them with any automations. :disappointed_relieved:

See the following thread:

Well, when we all leave the house smart home monitor arms. If a door is left open, for example, smart hone monitor has an error so we can see that a door is open.

I wanted to also have it check for “lock/unlock” when we leave and when we do “stay armed”

So, are you trying to check the state of your locks or trying to tie the state of your locks to SHM? Rather than checking if your locks are locked when you arm SHM, wouldn’t it be easier to just lock them? How are you arming SHM? With a routine? If so, you can just lock the lock in that routine as well.

Ok, I understand your use case. Makes sense to me to have that check, similar to how open/close sensors work with SHM Security. I actually have a couple “locks”, but not in the true sense of a locking device. I’ve re-purposed Ecolink and Iris open/close sensors to let me know a lock’s state, but I can’t control the lock.

Until that shows up in SHM, you’ll have to rely on Routines to lock your locks when arming.

Well here is my 2 cents. I got the generation 3 with all the integrations when it was on sale. From the internet photos it looks like the generation 3 WITHOUT zwave looks much better. Since the lock is not integrated into SHM, maybe I should get the unit without zwave.

And on another note, it i seems in the last few months, zwave seems more “sensitive” than before.

Needed six zwave repairs to get the zwave performance of the August lock to be good.

the August lock. I paired in place, turning on and off through SmartThings, using zwave, poor performance.

Did six zwave repairs, now on/off from SmartThings works great!

Needed six zwave repairs, with each repair the device that reported error changed. Until the sixth repair which was clean.

You can thank the latest firmware release for that. I was working with one of ST’s tech’s regarding my August lock going offline, so you’re not alone.

I would keep your lock. While what you want to do with SHM may not work out of the box, you can do what you want with a custom DTH. I use @RBoy’s DTH, and my August shows up in SHM in my list of open/close sensors. That means if my lock is open, I’ll get alerted when arming. Although that works perfectly, I prefer the method I mentioned above using Routines with my August lock. With my repurposed open/close sensors, those are in SHM.


My bad. I misunderstood the post. Sorry for any confusion and thanks to @johnconstantelo clearing things up. :sunglasses:

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Hi JD, I believe he’s referring to the version of the lock. August came out with their gen 3 version not too long ago.

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Your suggestion sparked an idea which I just implmented and seems to work.

I created another virtual device using the Universal Device type handler.

Set it from Switch To Contact.

Then using smart lighting, set it to on/off depending on lock state of lock

Then is SHM use the contact state of that virtual “switchToContact” for status of original locked/unlocked


nice idea!


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