Add door lock to 'Right now' status in SHM?

(David) #1

Please excuse if this is simple one or been covered, searching here and google didnt reveal anything obvious.
In case it matters my kit is:
Smartthings hub with door sensor and a Yale keyless with zwave module.

Question is -
The status of the lock and the door appear in the ‘my home’; section.
But in the Home solutions/mysmart home monitor, under the ‘right now’ tab - I can only see the status of the door sensor, but would also like to see the status of the lock. Is this possible?

I have added a monitoring rule for the lock, but nothing shows up.

(Mark) #2

Pretty sure that tab within SHM will only tell you about contact sensors, there’s no way to configure other devices to show up there.

If you created a monitoring rule with SHM, then you can receive an alert when the lock is locked or unlocked, but that doesn’t result in any visible indicator that can be seen in a dashboard.

I don’t have any locks, but what happens if you add the lock to the “favorites” section of the dashboard (right above the “home solutions” section)?

(David) #3

Great idea on the favourites! That’s even better than what I wanted. It now displays the status of the lock and door on the home screen. Thanks.

(David) #4

One thing I have noticed with this is that the status of the lock isnt concurrent with its actual state. When unlocked, the status will revert back to locked after a few seconds, when in fact the Lock is set to relock after 90 seconds.