Make a switch act like a lock (especially homebridge)

I have a 12V fail secure door strike connected to a power supply which is plugged into a z-wave switch. Is there a way I can have SmartThings treat the switch as a door or lock? Or, can I do it when I expose it to homebridge? The only thing I really want to do is to be able to say “open the Pod Bay Doors Hal” to Siri. Saying “Turn on the Pod Bay Doors Hal” isn’t quite the same, for obvious reasons.

To get the lock device type, you could always create a simulated lock device in ST and then control the switch from the status of the virtual device. Or, if you just want it to display as locked you could modify the DTH to display Unlocked instead of on.
As far as Alexa, there in integration with IFTTT which allows you to say a custom phrase and then execute a command. I use the same thing for Google home for a bunch of stuff. IFTTT can be a pain sometimes but if it’s for a novelty thing, then no big deal if it goes down. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to say Alexa at the beginning. It need the wake word.