Lock Icon customization


On the iOS app. I have 3 Z-wave locks. I have named them all differently, but the 3 icons are EXACTLY the same on the “things” homepage. Is there a way to customize the Icon to tell me what lock is what without selecting the item to see if I have the correct lock?

I am very sorry if the answer is already posted but I can’t find it. I would like a way for the lock name to appear near the icon. Same for thermostat. I have two and I have to try to remember which one is what.



First, if you shake the phone, the names will appear very briefly. That’s built in the official mobile app.

Second, Since you’re using iOS, you can also use the AssistiveTouch icon to display the names without actually shaking the device.

Next, some community members are using custom code to display names using a method worked out by John Constantelo, but it is a little complicated. And I don’t know if it works for anything except lights and switches (ask in that topic before you use it.) Discussion in the following topic:

And, yes, I am among those who think it is ridiculous that the official mobile app requires the device shake to see the names.


Another option is to use a dashboard app like SmartTiles . it’s very well done and is free, developed by a community member here.

(It was formerly named actiON , and is very popular, you’ll find it often mentioned in the forums.)