Location Services from Multiple Devices (Everyone leaves)?

Hello everyone. I’m new to the ST community. I’ve played around lightly with ST up to this point. One of the things that I’d like to do and I thought would be fairly simple, is to turn off particular lights when everyone has left the home. Everyone has an iphone. I haven’t found a way to tie in locaiton services from multiple deivces. The lights are connected via Tuya switches, and I also noticed integration with these can be tricky.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!!

The classic app has an “everyone leaves“ filter in several places, including routines. I’m not sure if that filter is available in the new app or not.

Here’s the link to the knowledgebase on the classic app. Hopefully someone else will know if it also works in the new app.

In theory you should be able to do this with the custom automation creator in the new app.

Thanks everyone. I’ll give that a try.