Smart Lighting SmartApp 'Everyone Leaves' not working as it should?

Basically I’ve got the smartthings created Smart Lighting smartApp set up to turn off all lights when everyone leaves (My phone & 2 presence sensors on sets of keys being as we can’t have 2 phones until that’s back up and running). Problem is it turns them off when ANYONE leaves not EVERYONE as it says in the app.

Any ideas? I’m using a routine instead as a workaround for now - which I’m finding has the same issues as others (‘Goodbye’ routine problem). Going to try changing the delay to 5 for that.

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Thats not been my experience with it, you might want to contact support.

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I contacted support and they said the presence sensors were going a bit weird at the moment (??!!!)

However they also said that you can now re-add people to your account = all good as have bypassed the issue and gone straight to mobile phones now :smile:

I am having this same issue. It was working for a while not today it is not working.
I have “Smart Lighting” configured to turn on when there is motion and turn off after 5 min when motion stops. It never turns off.

Add one more to the list of stuff my ST hubs no longer do correctly. I am getting sick of things that worked for months just stop working !!!