Location Modes not taking Effect on Routines

Hi community, I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has experience a problem I’m having, if someone had solve it, how, or maybe try to get de ST team attention.

I have hundreds of routines that have as a precondition If statement a Location Mode (Home, Away, Guest, Night, and so on). Sometimes I have notice that ST seems to not compute a Location Mode change, for example, last night the Location Mode was “Guest” and today is “Home” but ST is running routines that are tied to the Guest Location Mode. This has been happening very often since the last couple of months.

I have the ST wifi mesh router if that’s relevant.

Please let me know if you have had this issue. Thanks.

One option is to create virtual presence sensors for all your members. Use Automatic Routines to sync the virtual presence sensors to their Location Mode. Then use the Virtual presence sensors in your Automatic Routines. Here is one good Edge driver for Virtual sensors: vEdge Creator

Thanks for the reply jkp, are you having this issue as well? I already use virtual presence sensors to track when the members are home, but it doesn’t substitute the location mode feature well, because I usually use several location mode as precondition in the routines, I can’t do that with the virtual presence sensors, so I’ll have to duplicate 3 or 4 times the routine only to change the location mode in the virtual sensor, and I have hundreds of routines and 9 location modes.

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You could create 9 virtual switches to replace the location modes then use the virtual location switches in your routines.

I started doing the a few years ago because I didn’t like digging through the app to find what mode the app was in.

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Thank you very much Terri for your reply, I could try that. I know what you mean, how is that the ST team hasn’t come up with a button in the app’s Favorites Page to quickly view and change your location mode, maybe not many users use this great feature.

I hope this get solve, I really won’t like to update most of my routines and use additional devices space to create 9 virtual switches, I’m too close to the 200 devices limit.

It is one of the big mysteries of the app, along with having ‘Member location’ as a condition but not finishing the job by having the current state available on the ‘Members’ page.

That said, the Location Mode is only two clicks away from the Favourites page and more often than not a double click action works for me. That is better than it was and quicker than access to plenty of other stuff.

I’d much rather they got rid of the Favourites and used the space for something useful. Favourites should be outside the app if they are that important.

This is a distraction though. The big question is why are you having issues with Location modes in Routines? Could it be an issue with the WiFi hubs? Everything thing else seems to be an issue with those hubs, but it is not as if anything has changed on them recently. Perhaps it needed to have done. I am surprised there haven’t been any ‘me too’ responses.

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Yes that’s exactly what concerns me, that nobody else seems to be having this issue, I have had it for months now and haven’t been able to fix it.