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I have 2 virtual devices, 1 for each cell phone, using @TAustin’s driver. I use them to display the presence/not present status of the cell phones within ST, as well as for some routines. This way, if for some reason the location of the physical phone does not update properly, I can just turn on or off the affected virtual device and my routines will function.

Recently (not sure when it started) the routine I have to set the mode of my house to home or away does not work. Basically, when both virtual devices go “not present”, then it should set my location to away. There is a precondition that the location mode is Home or Night. Similarly, with a precondition of Away, another routine will change the mode to Home if either virtual device becomes present.

The virtual devices do change based on the state of the cell phones. I have another routine that turns on some lights when either virtual device becomes present after sundown. This routine works.

I just don’t understand why the house mode change is not working.

Any ideas?

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