Location Information For Item in Range of Hub- Need Suggestions!

Hi All,

I’m hoping for some help. I run an airbnb property and the lock is all automated through my hub and I love it.

Recently I had an issue where my guests claim the parking pass was never in the unit, and my cleaner says it was.

My question is, is there anything that can connect to my hub/pass that would tell me the pass has been returned to the unit? I was thinking something like an RFID or NFC reader that communicated with the hub, and a chip on the back of my pass. When the guest leaves they have to physically leave the pass on top of the reader and therefore I would get a notification and see it was returned, and another one when the next guest removes it from the reader. Not sure if something like this even exists, however?


A presence sensor attached to the parking pass should work

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It can’t be done with just the hub. It can certainly be done with an inexpensive phone running on Wi-Fi, no contract. It would be easiest with an android phone running sharptools and tasker. You can usually find an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone for under $30 at Walmart.

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Or as @sidjohn1 suggested, just a SmartThings presence sensor, if you can find one. :sunglasses:

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Hmmmm interesting. Thanks to you both! Yes, looks like this must be the thing I need zap strapped to the parking pass:


Seems like the original presence sensor got ripped apart for battery life. Guessing this thing performs exactly the same?

Thanks again!