Local Scene Execution

I frequently see requests and conversation about running scenes locally. I figured I would share this trick even though it may seem obvious. Using the Edge environment, and virtual devices, you can setup a virtual switch or virtual momentary button that triggers an automation. That automation can be setup in the same way you would have setup the scene. If all of the devices being controlled are local, then your “scene” automation will run locally as well. Instead of using scenes, you just use these virtual devices. This can also give a scene an on/off state if desired. They are also compatible with voice control. @TAustin has a great driver for virtual devices:

Given how simple these virtual devices are, I would hope the ST dev team could use this concept to move the actual scenes over as well, which makes the setup and UI cleaner. @nayelyz

@TAustin I may use your driver as inspiration for a dedicated “Scene Control Driver” that somehow brings in a bunch of icons and just creates virtual buttons. This would also allow scenes to be associated with rooms, which I think makes them a little stronger than the current scenes for some setups.

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Just to confirm, are you referring to a use case like the one below?

  • We have a scene with local-execution devices
  • When we create an automation, we set in “actions” (Then) “run a scene” and this routine still executes local

I see that using “run a scene” makes the Routine run in the Cloud…

Yes. It seems that they run in the cloud in all cases. If all devices run locally, it would be nice if the scene ran locally. For example, I think these should be equivalent, but they are not.

Edge Scene Controller → Press Button → [Automation] → Turn On Edge Light
Edge Scene Controller → Press Button → Run Scene → [Scene Actions] → Turn On Edge Light

The case that uses the scene goes out to the internet. My comment at the top is for users to reimplement scenes as virtual automations as a workaround.

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Got it. I’ll check that with the team to get their feedback and let you know.

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@blueyetisoftware we checked with the team and they told us that they are aware of it and this change (allowing Scenes to run locally) is in development.