Local power lamp module or light bulb

(Cosmo) #1

Does anyone know if there is a lamp module (dimming is a requirement) or bulb that supports a local power cycle?

Let me describe what I mean by local on. My wife has a lamp on her night stand. I want to make the lamp smart while she has a need to the brains of the operation. I would like a module that is able to turn the load on when it senses one complete cycle on the lamp itself.

Thank you

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #2

Are you referring to a ‘Load Sensing’ capability? With a load sensing dimmer module, you would leave the lamp on and normally control the dimmer module via Z-Wave… but if the dimmer module was off, then the lamp could be physically switched off then back on to have the dimmer module sense the load change and turn on (without having to reach down and push the button on the dimmer module).

The GE Lamp Dimmer modules have the load sensing capability, but unfortunately it is turned off by default. With other controllers, you can change parameter 29 to a value of 1 and it will enable the load sensing capability… unforunately that’s not so easy with SmartThings. :smile:


All smart bulbs turn on when power is applied. If I’m understanding you correctly, you want a bulb or module that turns on when power is cycled locally on the device. A ZigBee bulb like the Cree bulb should work great.


The Centralite Series 3 Lamp Module supports this. There needs to be a reasonable load though; it could not detect when I power cycled my small LED desk lamp.

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Thanks everyone for the information, all three of you got it right. I think @joshua_lyon put it best when he calls it “Load Sensing,” or @rpress’s suggestion, it is called “Lamp ‘Listening’.” @Tyler, I did look into the FAQ of the “A19 Connected Cree” and it states that it supports turning the bulb on with the switch.

Thanks again!

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Is this the same series that is sold as the SmartThings plug? I’ve been trying to add load sensing and it doesn’t seem to be possible with this module…if it’s the same one sold as the SmartThings plug. Perhaps the series 3 is different???