Local panel similar to actiontiles?

Love using actiontiles and have a tablet installed on almost every room running fully kiosk browser. The downside to this of course, is if the internet drops, this becomes useless.

Is there anything out there for ST that can utilise a local type panel at all?

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I don’t believe there is or would be since all control of your hub happens through the APIs which are cloud-based. This pic shows why:

ST Architecture


I think you could do it, but it would be a huge amount of work.

The trick would be to use @TAustin ’s mqtt integration, which runs locally, and then use those reports to update your dashboard. Obviously, this requires an additional server device running locally to get the information from your SmartThings hub. If you use this method, you don’t have to go through the cloud based API for most things.

But I don’t know of anyone who’s actually built a local dashboard for SmartThings using this or any other local method.


Alternatively, of course, You can just wait for more matter devices, which will run locally, and then choose a matter controller app which also runs locally. (Apple home is one, but I’m sure there will be others.) then use that app as the dashboard, at least for the emergency “Internet is out“ situations.


Also, while I’m thinking about it, @Tim99 has been doing a lot with node red, but I don’t know if he’s looked into using it as a local dashboard. That’s a popular MQTT option on other platforms. If he knows anything relevant, hopefully he’ll contribute to this thread. :sunglasses:


Another alternative is to have some buttons or a scene controller that runs locally that can be used as backup in times of Internet outages to trigger locally running routines. For example, a button might trigger “Good Night” options such as turning off all the lights when you go to bed. Or a button to set “Evening Lighting” or “Kitchen Work Lights” scenes.

Just be certain your critical routines run locally! If you’re sending a notification to users–such as I do when one of my hubs switches between Night/Home/Evening/Night modes–add another routine simply to send the notification when it senses a change in Location mode. Note: you don’t care if the notify routine itself does not run locally, as it needs the cloud to send the notification anyway!


Hi @jjmucker, as JD indicated, I now develop all my advanced automations in Node-RED.

You can build user interfaces in Node-RED as well as automations.

You can

  1. Develop bespoke dashboards in Node-RED where the widgets are associated with data items from SmartThings, or

  2. Build complete html apps using Template and functions.

Pre-requisite: you will need what I call an automation Box which is a companion to your SmartThings Hub. generally speaking, your SmartThings Hub manages devices and and your Automation Box runs (Node-RED) automations and user interfaces LOCALLY.

Hope this helps


Thank you all for the comments on this. It’s actually not something I’ve ever thought about but a locally ran dashboard would be ace. So is node red a program or a server type thing that you then run alongside your ST hub? And with that you can create a type of dashboard with icons to various ST devices and routines etc ( at least all of the local ones ).


Thanks. I actually do this. I have serval buttons darted around the home and these all run local routines, devices etc so it’s good to be able to use these if need be. I stopped using smart home monitor for this reason, as that relies on the cloud. Now I just use modes and carefully run local routines around these modes to do what I want within a specific routine.

Although I still use my phone and my wife’s phone as presence sensors to move from home to away, or away to home, I still have a button hid fairly close to the front door, inside, to disable away mode and do other various local things if we happen to arrive and our phones don’t want to update their presence :rofl:.

I’ve honestly spent more hours than I care to count to make sure 99% of my home is local :rofl:


Node-red is a program. You run it on another device, usually a raspberry pi, alongside your smartthings hub.

Here’s Tim’s how-to write up on his Node Red “automation box“ which has lots of details:

Unleash the Power of SmartThings with Advanced Automations Using Node-Red


Here is an example of a dashboard created using Node-RED

See node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED for more details

Cheers Tim


ActionTiles is awesome. Since SmartThings runs via a cloud even if you found a tool (I think there were some dashboards in the old groovy days) which runs locally it won’t help as you’ll still need the internet to access the devices via the SmartThings cloud.