Create custom dashboard? (2019)

Hi all,
Is it possible to create a custom dashboard from a 3rd party app (or something) and use it to replace your Smartthings dashboard?
I wan’t to change “skin” on my dashboard the same way I’m changing launcher on my phone for example.

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There’s various options, but of course I’m going to recommend our product, which is the #1 choice of SmartThings Customers with thousands of users and a Rating of 4.9-Stars.

This is the simplest option to dive right in (14-days free). The other projects have various pros and cons, but generally aren’t as easy to use, nor have dedicated Customer Support.


There are quite a few options.

ActionTiles is probably the most popular. It will run in pretty much any web Browser, Has a lot of features, and as you just noticed, the developers are very active in this forum. :wink:

IMG_1242 image image

there’s another third-party option, sharptools, which is also popular. The developer has been providing smartthings utilities for several years, but the dashboard is a new product for them.

There are also a number of free options contributed by members of this community. To find those, go to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of the page for the “project reports“ section, and choose the “dashboard” list. In almost all cases this is something that someone made for themselves and then decided to share with the community, so there’s a lot of variation in features and options and compatible environments.

Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the mention, JD!

@Daniel_Subotic give SharpTools a try and see for yourself what the easiest and most customizable option is at :smile:

You’ll find that in addition to smart device / location control that other dashboards have, we also have a number of unique features that make it easy to build beautiful customized dashboards for your tablet, PC, and phone! Some of these features include beautiful background images, transparent tiles, calendars, news feeds, integrated rule engine, deep tile customization and more:





I heart actiontiles.


Thanks Davin!
So do our fans in Google Play:
And Amazon Appstore:

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And I have to mention my product - HousePanel. Full documentation and a link to the GitHub repo is at:

Here is a sample dashboard:

The discussion thread in this forum is here

If you want an easy plug and play dashboard, use ActionTiles or SharpTools. If you want a locally hosted wildly flexible dashboard use HousePanel - but it takes more effort to install (rPI setup, etc). HousePanel is donation-ware.


@joshua_lyon I definitely will! :blush:

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@tgauchat thanks for the info, I’ll definitely try it :ok_hand::smiley:

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I am exploring the action tiles app and I found it very interesting but I am having trouble to assign specific colors by item type. For example I found a theme that you have called “elements (detaulf)” and this one will assign color green to the lightning, blue to the presence sensors, orange to the contact sensors, yellow to the temperature ones etc… so I am trying to create my theme but I cannot find the way to assign a specific color to a specific item category (lights, temperature, presence etc). Can you guide me on how to do it?

Hi Aldo,

I responded directly to your Help Desk ticket ( Thanks for emailing.

Ok will take a look. Tks

Hi @joshua_lyon , does this work with the new smartthings app? Specifically interested about the new Smartthings home monitor. My usecases is to have some tablet in the entrance with pin protection for the tile, so i can disarm the alarm.

Yes, works with the new Samsung SmartThings app.

Unfortunately, SmartThings hasn’t exposed an API for the ‘new’ SHM (aka. STHM) so no SmartApps or integrations have access to that yet. We’re working with SmartThings and are pushing for SHM access via the new API.

In the meantime, if SHM control is important to you, I’d recommend sticking with the SHM associated with the SmartThings Classic app as integrations, including, can control it.

@joshua_lyon Thanks for the info! But I want to stay completely on the new app. So I guess i have to wait.

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