SmartThings Dashboard

I know this has been covered several times in the past but ive not found anything recent - so i apologise if this has been covered and appreciate the nod in the right direction

I saw that Habitat have launched their new dashboard. Ive not used it but it looks quite good.
Im aware that Home Assistant has some great custom dashboards and I know there have been previous ways of doing this with SmartThings but nothing native.

The smartthings app/ dashboard as it is is simple to use and understand but it would be brilliant if we had the option to add custom buttons / sliders / volumes etc

Is there any way of building some better dashboards or are there any plans for ST to improve the layout and functionality of the dashboard

I am slowly moving into more home assistant but i cant let go of SmartThings and i think some improvements in the dashboard would be brilliant and perhaps much needed?


Any dashboard for SmartThings is cloud based since they use the SmartThings API which depends on the Internet and the clouds (SmartThings and the service you use for custom dashboards like SharpTools for instance).

I believe a dashboard should work locally so I would just integrate SmartThings into Home Assistant and use the HA dashboard with the SmartThings devices you’ve not yet migrated.


Check out for building a custom dashboard.

The SmartThings to HA integration is cloud-to-cloud, so that wouldn’t be local.

Yes, as stated before, any dashboard involving SmartThings is cloud based.

Given OP already is in the process of moving to HA, makes sense to use HA dashboards which will be local with HA devices and don’t depend on even more cloud services (like SharpTools).

The dasboard will remain the same as OP migrates devices instead of having two separate dashboards, one for HA and another for ST which makes even less sense.

SharpTools also works with Home Assistant, btw. But still cloudbased. :sun_behind_small_cloud:

You can probably integrate locally with home assistant using mqtt, but it would be a lot of work to set up and you might hit device limits since you would have to proxy everything.

Longterm, the more Matter devices you have, the more options you will have for using them locally with multiple platforms, but that’s likely to be a ways off for most people. :thinking:

Thanks for the replies.
Ive looked a little into SharpTools and like a say slowly moving some stuff to HA. However, personally despite massive improvments, i still find HA a little complex - I guess because im
So used to the simplicity of SmartThings

However i think SmartThings should update their current local app to work more as a customisable dashboard. Certainly for things that we can adjust - colour wheels / volume / temperature / brightness.
Unless im totally missing the point - these extra controls for a device can only be accessed when clicking on the device master tile. Only then can you get dimmer etc.

Especially as more matter devices are released and things have more interoperability/ compatibility. The ability to change the tile size or function would be very useful.

What option did you choose to access your HA remotely:

  • subscription to HA to gain remote access?
  • provided your own method to use HA app from outside your home network (open port or tunnel)?
  • or not using the HA app outside of your home network?

nice spelling :slight_smile:

The SmartThings app itself is not local, and there are no plans to make it so that have been announced. At the time of this writing it always requires the SmartThings cloud, even if it is on the same Wi-Fi as the hub. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did.

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Although it might seem to be dominated by SmartThings stuff, it is very much a Samsung app with the SmartThings stuff shoehorned in like a Ugly Sister’s foot in Cinderella’s slipper, and a few more verrucas worth of Samsung apps attached.


The Samsung Home Hub had promise, but that was revealed two and a half years ago and never heard of again since to my knowledge, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s dead

Samsung’s new Home Hub is the smart home dashboard we’ve been asking for - The Verge


The SmartThings app is not local at all.