"Local Only" Wall Switches

  1. anything using a custom DTH runs in the cloud. I know there are some people using Hue motion sensors (indoor or outdoor) connected directly to the smartthings hub without a bridge, but I believe they are all using a custom DTH from the following thread:

Hue Outdoor Motion & SmartThings Hub

  1. there is a custom DTH which will allow a dimmer switch connected to the Hue bridge to be used in smartthings, but it requires custom code and so cannot run locally.

[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)

  1. if you are using a Hue dimmer switch or a Hue motion sensor connected to a Hue bridge, it is not visible to smartthings through the official integration. That integration can run locally, but only using the stock DTH for both the bridge and the bulbs. and then only the bulbs are visible to smartthings. The Hue dimmer switch will still run locally with the bridge, but smartthings won’t see it. And it can’t activate a load—it can only act as a “dummy.” It’s just that its sending its messages to the Hue bridge, not to the smartthings hub.

See the following FAQ:

FAQ: Hue accessory devices with smartthings? (2019)

So there are multiple set up options possible but none that allow a hue dimmer switch to operate locally with SmartThings at this time.


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