Local network sendHubCommand sending in triplicate

Random issue I’ve started experiencing recently and thought I’d share for posterity:

I run an app that proxies SmartThings events to my main home automation system with sendHubCommand. It works quite well, but recently, my hub eventually starts sending these REST requests in triplicate. It’s only after the hub has been online for quite a while (a month+) and always goes from normal single commands to triplicate (never 2x or 4x, etc). This is using the v2 hub.

The simple solution is to unplug the hub, pop the batteries, then put it all back together.

Figured I’d throw this out there in the off chance others are experiencing similar issues. Code used here for the curious: https://github.com/imbrianj/oauth_controller/blob/master/oauth_controller.groovy

When this happens again let me know ASAP and I’ll pull your hub logs for investigation.

Sounds good - thanks! It’s only happened twice. Tonight, my presence sensors (my only zigbee devices) started to flip out (constant away/present) around 8:30pm PT before I had to reboot the hub again.