sendHubCommand taking a long time or getting congested after recent upgrades?

Over the past couple weeks the behavior of my custom smart app has degraded significantly. It appears to be slowness when executing multiple commands in a short time span.

Troubleshooting has lead me to this:

private def socketSend(message, networkId) {
    def hubAction = new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(message,
            physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN, networkId)


Given that in the device handler and smart app logs all log lines throughout the flow happen quickly. And on the receiving end (a raspberry pi listening on 1099), it is also quick. I’ve fired off commands rapidly just over telnet.

So it seems to me like this is definitely an issue with the smartthings hub.

Was there a change with sendHubCommand recently? Perhaps it is waiting for an ACK before moving on to the next queued request?

Also the message that gets passed to this function is just a string of “pl b12 on”. This was working great for many months since i bought this hub. Half of my home’s lights are Hue and the other half is legacy x10. The smartthings hub allowed me to operate both with near feature parity. But this performance issue is a real drag. :frowning:

Are you calling the socketSend in quick succession?

I can tell you for certain there were changes to hubAction using the LAN option…
Most notably from my observations being that a DTH I had been using for over a year now, will reboot my hub every single time any of it’s commands are executed…