Local execution of automations and scenes?

Is there yet a way to check which automations and scenes run locally? Is there a way to force them to do so? Do automations using only local devices automatically run locally?

Automations using only local devices where all FUNCTIONS run locally sill rub local. For instance a device using ZWave switch runs local… Unless you put it in an automation that also does something with STHM. Because that DOESNT run locally.

Automations that run locally include a little house icon to denote runs locally

SmartThings is in the middle of a major transition to a whole new architecture Where as I understand it almost everything that uses hub connected devices will run locally on your own hub. And there will be some options for running devices on your LAN locally as well. Devices in Integrations that require their own clouds will continue to use their own clouds. And then when we eventually get matter support, assuming that happens, even more stuff will run locally.

So at this point, I think there’s not much reason to worry about what’s running local or not in January 2022, because by March or April it will probably be an entirely different architecture. (Originally the changeover was announced for the end of 2021, but obviously they’ve missed that target and haven’t announced a specific new one yet.) And then if matter happens on schedule this summer, that will be another change probably with yet more local operation.

During the transition, it can be hard to figure out what’s happening. There’s a setting you can use to mark something as running local when in fact it will still be running in the cloud. And code using the new architecture doesn’t always show up correctly in the IDE, so it might be marked as running in the cloud when it’s actually running local. :thinking:

So unless you have a very specific reason for needing to know right now, speaking just for myself, personally I would just wait until March or April and see what’s going on then. There’s going to be a replacement for the ID E as well, but we don’t yet know what information it will have available. so just lots of change happening.

Official announcements:

And here’s the discussion thread on matter if you’re interested in those details:

Oh, and as far as forcing something to run local, local takes priority if, as @nathancu noted, everything involved is eligible to run local. That includes both the specifics of the routine/rule and the specifics of the DTH/edge driver.

Edge Drivers all run locally because that’s how that architecture works. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a rule using a device that is using an edge driver will run locally. For example, if you have a routine based on luminance that measures greater than or less than, as of the time of this writing, it runs in the cloud. That just seems to be a piece of the New platform that isn’t finished yet. :thinking:

And of course edge itself is still in beta, things changing every week and some glitches. If you want to jump in and start using edge Drivers, you can, just be aware that they are all in beta because edge itself is in beta right now.

More about edge, including where to find edge drivers:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Thank you @JDRoberts and @nathancu! I’ll standby. I have just ONE automation with a house icon. I think it’s because i have things like using the app to send a notification after something executed on some, but on others, I have automations built as IF blah blah blah THEN run scene. I think if the THEN is a scene, it doesn’t show as local execution.

Follow up question: can scenes be local and do they show an icon if so? I don’t see one…

Does your scene contain only devices running locally ?

Correct. Routines can’t currently execute scenes locally, even if all the devices in the scene run local.


Do you think they will change this when the groovy cloud goes away? Or will it always be a cloud function? :thinking:

I haven’t heard either way from ST staff if they plan on changing it. I personally hope it’s added, along with Lighting Groups being added to Routines.


Thanks for the conversation all!

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