Local Control options for particle proton board?

I mean that when you go into graph.ide.smartthings.com and select devices, the execution location will show up as Local instead of cloud. Then I can make an automation for it with the smart lighting app, and I can go into the events tab on smartthings ide, and it will show as local also. Then when a switch is flipped in the room, it will run regardless of if the internet is up.


For that to all work, I need to have zigbee on my device, and I need to make it look to smartthings like it is a device it already knows. I think, right? If smartthings thinks I have added another switch it should run it locally?


Obviously not limited to just ZigBee.

I don’t know either way … but is the Hue Bridge DH “local”? If so, it is pretty “easy” to emulate a Hue Bridge.

Yep it looks like LAN Hue bridge runs locally.

I didn’t realize lan connected devices could also be local. Thank you for pointing that out.

I think that is just what I’m after. I found this project diyhue. Thank you.


Yes, this is true, if the device that is also triggering the SmartLighting App is also local. So, it can’t be any device with a custom DTH. Once you have any device with Cloud required, the entire thing goes to the cloud. So, if for example, you wanted to use a contact sensor and that contact sensor had a custom DTH, the entire smartlighting app would be in the cloud and would not run locally.

If you are trying to go local for a hue strip, you don’t have to use an official one. I’m using DIYHue on Hubitat and it works perfectly. Just can’t log into the hue API so you can’t use certain native Hue integrations. But allows for your own DIY hue-like devices. I have 4 strips and 4 bulbs on it now.

Thanks. I’ll check out DIY Hue also.