Local Control Of TV and Sky+

Hi there…

I’m looking to control the power button on 2 TVs in my house - one is an LG 4k, then other is a Samsung 32". Both are smart TVs.

I can’t find any device types for them. Does anyone know where I could look?

Also, it would be really cool if I could control my Sky+ HD box over the network. I can already do this from a small application that I wrote, but having it in SmartThings would be really useful.

Does such a thing exist?


Easy way Logitech Harmony Hub but this will only allow on and off
no control of volume, channel etc

hard way find a zwave IR device and hope someone has made a device handler for it

Even easier. Turn on the TVs then turn off from the plug. Next time u turn on they auto turn on fully. That’s what I do.