Sky+ HD control

I need some help. I’m trying to get smartthings to control my sky+ HD box with the ultimate goal being alexa voice control. There seems to be pieces of the puzzle available on line but I’m a massive noob and I’m not making much headway.

There is some node js code that works a treat here:

mimics the buttons on the physical remote beautifully.

There is this information:

and this:

but I just dont know enough to put it together (if thats even possible).

Can anyone help or nudge me in the right direction?

I just use Alexa with a Harmony Hub and it’s really simple. The thing is that most of these sorts of things still require a remote to navigate through menus. It’s much easier to use a remote than voice control. Nobody else in the room wants to hear you yell at Alexa to turn the volume down one level

Ideally I’d like to avoid buying another hub. I’d be happy to Just have the ability to turn the box on and off. That way I can have routines like “turn the TV on” and my Amp, sky box and TV all power up.

I can turn the box on via that node JS script so I’m hoping smartthings can do something similar. I’m currently looking into writing an Alexa skill as another option.

How do you turn on your TV and Amp with ST?

I use this for my amp:

The TV will turn on via HDMI control when the Sky box turns on.