Local Control and more


(Simon) #1

A while back I switched from Wink to ST after I had a few smaller issues, but it seems these days I have way more issues with ST. I.E. long responses to routines, Phone app going very slow and sometimes momentarily locking up, and today me getting annoyed at the Aeon HEM (V1 on V2 ST Hub) not reporting any data at all, (Tried numerous handlers too.)

Yesterday I got notification that Wink is now fully supporting Local control, and wondered if it is time to say goodbye to ST as they seem to fail at fulfilling promises and moving to back to Wink (one reason I try to always use generic devices) or if we should get together and demand that ST gives us Local control and support for devices that actually works. When I bought the STV2 they advertised how some functions can be done off line, but in all reality, that seems to be minimal if even implemented at all.

(Micheal ) #2

Ironically, I think more local control is active than what people know…today at 2pm I got a notification that my hub went down. I have sunset and luminosity triggers and was afraid I would come home to a dark house. Long story about the hub going offline, but this was an issue with my internal network and not the hub itself. Anyway, I was rather surprised the garage light came on when the door opened (garage sensor triggering). In the house, all of the light that were to come on when the back porch was below 250 lux were on just as I expected. I got the hub back online and everything is fine. Maybe I was lucky, but I was also a bit amazed that as much stuff worked as it did. I didn’t use any custom apps as they would not work locally (i.e. Rule Machine), but this is a good sign that some stuff DOES run locally…

(Bob Strenger) #4

There’s no doubt many things are running local. It could not be as fast as it is otherwise. :slight_smile:

(Bob Strenger) #5

The recent addition of Local Control on Wink is not fully supported. It’s only a partial implementation Arcisdaddy. I just left Wink right after that update did almost nothing to fix issues I was having. HD has all, but dropped Wink and recently they made some changes that make me question funding. Anyway, I can assure you, it’s not going to help. I’d say if you were willing to go through all that hassle of switching again, maybe put that time into completely reset your ST hub instead. Or maybe buy a Vera or Homeseer. I know it may not help, but ever since I switched to ST, I’ve had much success. The app is slow, but it wasn’t that way until after I think I added 3rd party apps like Rule Machine. I’ll probably remove that and see if that was the cause.


The grass is always greener on the other side :wink:

(Jason) #7

It’s only the “Lights” on wink that are local… Just like ST. I’ve read numerous reports that the local control on ST is still 2x faster than the local control on wink.

That said if you have the hub, connect one or two things to check it out.

(Bob Strenger) #8

Everyone has a different experience because they have different devices, apps and needs, so therefor they also have different results. So one system may work better than the other for that reason. Right now my ST experience is completely justifying my move. However, I will say this though; and coming from Staples Connect then to Wink and now to ST, the thing that I really value is all the online tools you have with ST to help quickly solve problems if / when they occur. Otherwise, you’re purely at the mercy of the manufacturer instead of having the tools to help you solve it yourself.

(Kevin) #9

The only SmartApp I’m aware of that runs locally is Smart Lighting, but you can see which of your apps are running locally by going to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/list

(Simon) #10

It would be nice to have more transparency of what is local control. I know a while back I simulated a internet failure with my STV2 and nothing worked.

(Ray) #11

So it’s only the light is local for wink and ST but the question is and it’s what matter. Where’s this amazing atomic clock located.